Areas of Practice

Harassment & Discrimination  

Our firm advocates for employees who have experienced illegal harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We challenge employers by skillfully applying our knowledge of both the federal and state laws in an effort to obtain justice for our clients. 

 Class Actions

Class and collective actions allow for groups of employees who have been similarly wronged by their employers to unite and assert their rights in one lawsuit.  The advantages to these types of actions include the strength of a united group and reduced burdens on the courts.

In addition to acknowledging the firm’s demonstrated commitment to our clients, federal courts have recognized Steven J. Moser to be a competent and experienced class action litigator. 


Wage Violations

We believe that each working individual should be paid for the work they perform.  We have successfully represented hundreds of employees against employers who have committed an array of wage violations including minimum wage, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, tip misappropriations, unlawful deductions and more.  We are proud to note that we have changed the ways some of these employers do business.  



Retaliation is understandably a serious concern for many employees who choose to question or challenge their employers’ misconduct.  The truth is that despite the anti-retaliation laws in place, some employers do choose to retaliate against those who take the risk to stand up to them.  While we cannot make any guarantees to prevent retaliation from occurring, we can take additional legal action, seeking the maximum penalties in place for retaliation.


Our firm is approved by the NY State Department of Labor to represent the unemployed seeking to obtain unemployment benefits.   

Whereas we are selective with the cases we choose, we have represented hundreds of workers who were initially denied their unemployment benefits with a 95% success rate.*

The fees for unemployment cases are billed at a discounted rate and can only be recovered if we win your case.  Also, your fee must be approved by the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. 


*No attorney, however skilled, can guarantee results.

Workplace Bullying

Unfortunately there are currently no laws in place to protect workers from mean bosses and coworkers.  To date, efforts to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill have been unsuccessful.

 However, if you are a member of a protected class, we may be able to help you fight back legally.