A Few of Our Discrimination Cases...

Lico v. TD Bank, N.A. et al 2014cv04729 is a collective action where a woman alleges that she was fired for contesting her supervisor's repeated denials for breaks to pump breast milk as necessary while at work, a right guaranteed by Fair Labor Standards Act and Section 206-c of the New York State Labor Law.  Her allegations emphasize that while she was deprived of her essential requests,  others were granted time  for trivial reasons, including cigarettes breaks.  These denials led to the plaintiff developing a painful breast infection, reduced milk production for her baby and humiliation before her coworkers and customers regularly when her work clothes were consistently and noticeably soiled by her leaking breast milk.                                              

Sajous v. Southern Wine & Spirits of New York, Inc. et al 15-cv-03270-JS-ARL  is a class action suit where women are alleged to be excluded from the same privileges as their male counterparts and are paid less while performing similar work in violation of Title VII and the Equal Pay Act.               

John Doe v. Communications Company is a case where an experienced and educated black salesman held a solid sales record despite being repeatedly denied the same opportunities as his white male counterparts, a violation of Title VII. In his last weeks with his employer, he trained a new white male associate who had little to no experience in the field.  He soon discovered that this trainee was his replacement when he was fired.

John Does v. Local Supermarket Chain is a case where an employer directed three male employees in their 50’s to train new younger employees before taking a forced vacation.  Upon their return, they were told that they were “too old,” fired and replaced by their trainees, a of violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.  

Jane Doe v. National Restaurant Chain is a case where an award-winning 20 year veteran female employee, over 40,  was fired by her employer due to her age and replaced with a younger inexperienced male employee, a of violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.  This case was successfully settled confidentially.

Ruggiero v. The County of Suffolk et al 2014cv07434 and De La Cruz Castaneda v. Suffolk County et al 2015cv00185 are the first two in a series of cases in which we represent 911 operators.  The allegations include failure to accommodate disabilities and refusal to grant medical leave, rights guaranteed by the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

John Doe v. Elite Country Club is a case where a well-qualified African-American employee, who trained most of his managers and frequently served as an interim manager, was repeatedly denied promotions due to the color of his skin, a violation of Title VII.