Confidential Consultations

Our goal is to provide you with the following at your consultation:

  • A legal analysis of your potential case.
  • A clear understanding of your legal rights as they relate to said case.
  •  Answers to your questions regarding your potential case.
  •  Strategic legal options for your potential case.



Many clients are concerned with confidentiality.  We take this very seriously.  Each member of our team is bound by attorney client privilege and is restricted by law from discussing your case with anyone outside of our office.     



While we reserve 45 minutes for your consultation, typically it can range from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your case.    Please note, you will not be charged more if your consultation exceeds the allotted time.


What to Bring:

To maximize the outcome of your consultation, you should bring all documents in your possession related to your potential claim.  Depending on your case, this may include pay stubs, employee manuals, policies, emails, memos as well as any other documents and communications exchanged between you and your employer.  It is also very helpful to bring a list of the related events in chronological order.


The Fee:

We charge a flat fee for consultations.  The fee is payable by cash or by check.  Under extraordinary circumstances, we may elect to reduce or waive the consultation fee. This arrangement must be made prior to your consultation.

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